Calm Breeze

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My little girl looked so peaceful and silly with her hair blowing in the wind!

Just relaxing in my living room and my daughter comes up to the window.  My boy lifted the blinds so she could look out and a snapped this shot with my iPhone.  I just loved the calm serenity look on her face.  So peaceful and innocent.  Enjoying the beauty and subtle feeling of a slight breeze.  It lifted her hair a bit but I think the static electricity from the blinds also helped here.

I sometimes wonder why we as adults lose the simple pleasures of life that are so easily enjoyed by children?  Like playing in the mud and getting filthy…  Or picking up random bugs and examining them close to the nose…  Or the excitement of a snowy morning… Or a summer breeze in your face.

Maybe it is because we have lost the ability to live in the moment?  All these magical moments are just that – moments.  Are we so busy that we lose sight of the beauty in these moments?  Are we so worried about getting dirty that we would rather just avoid the muddy moment all together?  Are we rushing so often that we do not pause for that clean breath of fresh air in the summer breeze?  Do we even notice the small bug, and the intricacies of it’s creation?  Are we so scared to drive in the snow that we despise that bright white morning?

Questions like these get me pondering.  Maybe these questions are why I take the moment and strive to lengthen it.  I find that toy photography also helps me to slow down and enjoy these moments.  Sometimes I take it a bit to far and propbably am more concerned about getting the perfect Lego shot rather than enjoying the moment around me, but I think it is more detrimental to only rush around and be distracted by all the distracting things.

Life is short.  Enjoy the moment.  It is in the moment that we can feel and find peace.

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via Instagram Holy sonic boom speakers batman!?
Full blast at the get-go is how batman rolls! Even if it shatters eardrums and flings guitars…??? .
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via Instagram So last week when I took this shot, it was -15 degrees F! It had just dropped five inches of snow in a blizzard. I made a snowman with my kiddos on Saturday. All the snow melted yesterday and today it was rather warm and rained all day today… what a strange January.
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