Haunted Woods – BTS

When I was visiting Brighton for my cousins wedding there was a bit of downtime before and I went on a hike around Silver Lake. The forest on the east side is quite old with tall trees and roots reaching for the waters edge.

The other duck got spooked

There were pockets and holes throughout that were probably made by badgers or other animals. I knew when I saw this spot I had to shoot some toys here. I had brought my small camera bag (the LowePro Flipside 200). It fits both my cameras (Canon M & Olympus OMD EM5), and a few lenses as well as a small pouch of Lego and some bigger figures.

I balanced my stormtrooper; but a small gust of wind unseated him and he fell deep into this particular badger hole. It was beyond arms length and the entrance was full of cobwebs. I was peeved for a bit but then went to work looking for a long stick.

When this happened I had bumped my bag and four of my OMD batteries fell out. I didn’t think much of it because of the emergency.

I reached with a long branch and was able to scrape the figure up to a more easily accessible position. I cleaned out the cobwebs best I could and reached my full length of arm and could barely touch the figure. It was all rather frustrating as I was in a hurry to get to back to the wedding.

Right before TeeKay fell into this trap

I finally grabbed him and luckily he had all his limbs and blaster. I packed up my things and raced back through the forest to the lodge where the wedding was being held. While shooting some shots of her wedding my camera died and I went to swap batteries… gone. No batteries!?

I love an intricate cobweb

I waited till after the wedding and festivities and when the music got loud and decided to drop out and go on a battery hunt. I traced my steps back to this awesome but treacherous spot being careful not to plant my leg into one of these hole traps. I got back to this exact hole and the batteries were nowhere to be seen. I’m guessing either somebody thought they were garbage and cleaned them up or some mischievous creature walked away with $60 in batteries. Maybe it was an R.O.U.S?

Many creatures watching

Needless to say I was not too happy. I had one other battery in my suitcase that I used sparingly the rest of the trip. I learned a good lesson though – do not keep all your batteries in one basket. Keep some spares somewhere out of your current gear.

Anyhow – I am very pleased with the shots I acquired and more batteries are on the way from Amazon.


Have you ever lost photography equipment? What’s the most dangerous shot you’ve done with toys? Would you reach your arm into a black hole? If you like my posts take a moment and leave me some of your thoughts. Thanks!

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