Ancient Fairytales

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 Ancient fairy tales are always scary and dark… like batman!

I really thought this figure was hilarious when I saw it was to be included in the Batman Movie CMF series.  I like how they made the face with a begrudging mouth that make it look like batman is hating every part of the suit.  It’s like he lost a bet or something.

I took this shot in the evening when I arrived back from working up stone for our mining company.  The snow had not yet warmed enough to be sticky so it was rather tricky to place the figure.  I wanted him to appear lightweight because hey – it’s a fairy batman.

I’ve learned a lot over the years about the true nature of fairy tales.  They were generally told to scare children into being good and obeying their parents.  Being a father of five I am guilty of this tactic at times.

I think there is a better way.

I have pondered this a lot as of late because it seems my children are all turned up to “blasting” like the toy I put puts it when you turn the volume up all the way.  We can be sitting down for a meal, right next to each other, and they shout what they want.  We thought maybe they all had wax buildup in their ears and one did – but even after getting that out they were still loud.

Our kiddos range from young not even two all the way up to seven.  Yeah, we had our five kiddos really fast.  I think this is more of the reason why they are loud.  For one, small children don’t really care about being quiet.  They just care if their needs are being met.  

I think the issue is they feel as if they are competing to get a word in edgewise and therefore they try to talk over everyone.  But then again they talk loud even when everyone else is quiet…

Anyway, I have been thinking about the true nature of fairy tales and how they were created to put fear into children.  I think I like the fact that Walt Disney took the liberty to change them into more of a friendly story towards children.  Children need more care and understanding in their lives – they need to feel loved.  Fear is the opposite of what they need and can lead to harbored feelings of distrust.  

I still think fear is a good tool at times – like a healthy fear of getting hit by a car to keep them from running into the street.  But I also think teaching a child on their level using terms they can understand would be much more beneficial to everyone.